Realistic Self-Defense



‚Äč MMA as seen and made popular by the UFC is not at all what is needed for Self Defense on the Street. In a Real Street Fight your Assailant or Attacker may have weapons or be accompanied by his Friends and that Changes the Game completely. The entire GAME or Street Fight is Based on the Attacks that may occur need to be trained because you will fight the way you train, by the time an MMA trained fighter figures out that there are no Rules, Referee or controlled atmosphere it is Probably TOO LATE!!!

The BIGGEST and NICEST thing about the Ring is you or your Corner man or the Referee can STOP the Fight, NOT the case on the Street.


Using the Proper Strategies which are to Train to Defend Against Weapons, Against Multiple Attackers, Against Dirty tactics and to Train Dirty Brutal Techniques is the ONLY way to Survive on the Street!!!

In our Extreme Self Defense program at ELITE FIGHTING ARTS we teach the best hand to hand fighting skills from the Martial Arts proven to be superior in the ultimate testing field. We also teach how to evade and avoid situations before they become a physical confrontation.

When fighting does happen your life may be on the line, or even worse, the life of a loved one may be in danger. In this program we teach you how to fight and survive by any means necessary. We focus on all possible situations and address many things including hand to hand combat, weapons, and multiple attackers.

After just a few short Extreme Self Defense classes  you will be well on your way to mastering the crucial techniques you need in order to survive a life-threatening attack.

Using a variety of Martial Arts and techniques you will learn to protect yourself in hand-to-hand combat with larger opponents in addition to disarming weapons from an attacker.

Taught by our highly skilled instructor, our Extreme Self Defense classes teach our students how to manage stressful conflicts while getting in shape so they are conditioned to use those skills effectively. Students of this class learn varying techniques, from rapid-fire punches to powerhouse kicks, and defense against chokes, grabs, and bearhugs.

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